Press Release

ERA Q2’21 Career Advancement Day

Time flies when things are coming at us thick and fastu2026

Weu2019re already in the middle of second quarter and will be celebrating the Q2u201921 Career Advancement Day on Wednesday 5.5.2021. The upcoming conference holds much significance to our annual sales target as you could be driving away a new Tesla Model 3 or moving into a brand new Penthouse next yearu2026

In light of CROSSING OVER 8,000 ERA TEAMMATES, we will be revealing the TOP 400 ACHIEVERS for the FIRST TIME in ERA history! The event will also be graced by Minister of State for the Ministry of Home Affairs & Ministry of Sustainability and the Environment, Mr Desmond Tan.

Plus, get ready for the latest updates ranging from latest project updates, agent- and client- centric initiatives and tech tool upgrade; as well as the announcement of new winners from our All New RealtyWatch 5-Star Staycation Contest and MANY MORE!

Thereu2019s much to look forward to; spread the word with all our teammates and RSVP now!