ERA Singapore Rolls Out Global Referral Network to Meet Cross Border

ERA Singapore Rolls Out Global Referral Network to Meet Cross BorderProperty Demands & Country-to-Country Referrals


SINGAPORE, 22 October, 2020 – ERA Singapore (ERA), the Asia Pacific master franchisee of the global real estate brand – ERA Real Estate, today announced the launch of a seamless, one-stop technology solutions that instantly connects a global affiliated sales force of more than 23,000 ERA affiliated agents. As more countries join the network, this number will increase to over 40,000 active professionals. The platform also allows cross-brand collaboration, connecting more than 120,000 agents from three Realogy real estate organisations in over 50 countries

Dubbed the ERA Global Referral Network, the e-commerce online referral platform is powered by global real estate tech firm Immobel and is a market differentiator that will meet cross border property demands and its country-to-country referrals.

Built with the capability to track the complete end-to-end referral life cycle – from the creation of property listing to the payment of referral fees – ERA will be offering this first-of-its-kind online platform in Singapore across its network of over 17,300 agents in 9 other countries, all at zero cost to its agents and brokers, while creating an additional revenue stream for affiliated brokerages through referral fees.

The highly intuitive ERA Global Referral Network

Before rolling out this Immobel-powered platform, ERA did not have a way to do that. Agents who wish to make a global referral have to contact the respective ERA country heads personally to enquire and request recommendations for referrals.

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This new intuitive global referral network offers a real-time view into all referral opportunities across the network and a real-time “food delivery-style” dashboard – in the form of a Referral Lifecycle Bar – that shows the status of active referral business, both incoming and outgoing, providing visibility for both parties and ensuring that all referrals stay on track.

Harnessing the power of ERA’s global network and technology, this global referral network instantly creates a global economic opportunity; with instant access to all the open referrals across its global network.

It allows affiliated agents to refer and transact between countries seamlessly, automatically translating its referrals using their language, currency and measurement unit of choice for each of the country around the world. Other salient features of ERA Global Referral Network include:

  • Instant notifications: Agents will receive real time notifications for invitations to apply for referrals and for new referral postings in their regions. The platform also creates automatic notifications to ensure that referrals progress successfully, and that both sides have visibility on a referral at all times.
  • Directory of professionals: Agents can now browse the profiles of over 120,000 agents across 51 countries (and growing). Each profile comes with detailed information on the agents’ biographies, language proficiencies, strengths and more. Agents can also shortlist the most credible trusted advisor by clicking on the heart icon.
  • Predictive Analytics: The referral tools produce actionable market intelligence, predictive analytics and flexible reporting.
  • Instant Messaging: Agents can send messages directly to one-another from within the platform so that all correspondence is stored in one, easily trackable place. The instant messaging tool also has an integrated translation system allow for effective communication irrespective of language or location.

“This groundbreaking referral platform is yet another example of how ERA is embracing Proptech into our business. For agents who are serving homebuyers and investors who might be relocating, buying a vacation home or looking for an investment property, being able to connect with the right agent in the target market, with the appropriate specialisations and language skills fosters better communications and global collaboration. ERA agents now have a competitive advantage to deliver personalised services along every step of the real estate experience, no matter where they are located,” said Jack Chua, chief executive officer of ERA.

Increased Cross-border Real Estate Buying Enquiries

According to “Emerging Trends in Real Estate Asia Pacific 2020”, a real estate forecast jointly published by the Urban Land Institute and PwC, Singapore presents the best prospect in the Asia-Pacific region for investment.

In preparation of the influx of foreign property investors, ERA has already begun conversations on its referral protocols across its affiliated brokers in 9 other countries and the new online referral platform will be able to help facilitate most of the inbound and outbound referrals from these popular destinations, strengthening ERA’s capabilities in real estate marketing.

ERA Division Director Jun Kang, a Korean-turned-Singapore citizen who has been serving the Korean market, shares, “There has been ongoing interest from Korean buyers in Singapore properties, especially after the Korean government relaxed their policy on foreign property investment over a decade ago. Korean property buyers are more concerned about buying in a good location, rather than the tenure of a property. In the past, the interest was in resale properties, but nowadays, they are open to buying new projects off-plan.”

About Immobel

Immobel is the world’s leading provider of global technology solutions to the real estate industry. Their digital tools help the world’s largest brokerages connect buyers and sellers worldwide, across national borders and language barriers.

Immobel provides custom referral network platforms to connect affiliates, franchisees or members worldwide. With its platforms, users refer and transact business between markets, each using their language of choice.

Their referral tools produce actionable market intelligence, predictive analytics, flexible reporting, and a real-time view into your open and closed referral business across your network. All their systems ensure full tracking of referral business, and secure handling of sensitive consumer data.

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